Mission goals

Measurements in Belarus by a group of high school students from the region of Gomel.
The aim is to make an educational map of a village on the edge of the exclusion zone, but also the living quarters of a group in the city of Gomel.
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Activités de la mission

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone, 

Hello Everyone,

We are safe back home since Frinday evening and we are currently following the number of measurements appearing on the map. During these three days, it was Suprun and Igor who had the Openradiation kits in their hands. Moren than 80 measurements in three days! From far away, it seems to me that the young people from Kamaryn like playing with this tool! Have a look on the map: the Kamaryn village is progressively covered by blue points...

Yesterday we were in Kamaryn to meet the group of 17 children who accepted to participate. They all participate during the year in a scientific club dedicated to the study of radioactivity in their environment. We had an intense meeting, explaining the goals of our work and the way the openradiation system is working. So, they had to learn some french words, since the application in only in french...

Hello everyone