How can you acquire a sensor?

The sensor developed by OpenRadiation:

OpenRadiation offers two types of sensors:

a "kit" sensor, to be manufactured yourself
a "kit" sensor, already assembled and ready for use 

OpenRadiation sensor in kit version to be manufactured yourself

The plans of the OpenRadiation sensor in the "kit" version are free: you can manufacture your own sensor, from the plans and the list of components described here: : source code of the Rfduino microcontroller : sensor design and installation instructions
The self-made sensor is offered at a price of 180 euros (including all components, assembly instructions, mailing to France and remote assistance during assembly and first handling of the sensor). If you are interested, send your contact details to

As part of an educational project (school, association, etc.) and/or an OpenRadiation mission, a sensor kit can be provided free of charge for a limited period of time, defined together (for more information, please contact:

On the other hand, OpenRadiation regularly organizes assembly workshops: dates and practical information will be given on the site as they happen.

OpenRadiation sensor in kit version already installed

Ready-to-use kit sensors can be offered under the same conditions as the self-made kit (for more information, please contact:  

Other sensors : 

Here are the sensors compatible with the OpenRadiation application:

The choice of a sensor depends on different criteria: ergonomics, sensitivity, functionalities (visual feedback, sound signal, alerts...), manufacturing location, robustness... You will find below a description of some sensors distributed on the market and compatible with the OpenRadiation application. We only detail certain criteria here and invite you to consult the manufacturers for more information on the technical characteristics or the acquisition of one of these sensors.


Target price (sensor + delivery) 

Delivery mode 


Sensibility *


kit OpenRadiation

~ 180 €

In kit (to weld and assemble yourself) 

Bluetooth LE


Atom tag

~ 100 €


Bluetooth LE



Pocket Geiger Type 6

~ 80 €



Sensor compatible only with some Android devices with UBS On-The-Go functionality (test compatibility with



(choose the Pocket Geiger Type 6)


Safecast with module bluetooth

~500 €

In kit (to be welded and assembled by yourself). The Bluetooth module is to be purchased separately.

Bluetooth LE


Polismart II PM1904A



Bluetooth LE




~120 €



Sensor compatible only with some Android devices with UBS On-The-Go functionality (test compatibility with


(this sensor is developed by ICOHUP in partnership with IRSN)

*The sensitivity indicated is an indicator of the intrinsic sensitivity of the sensor: this has an impact on the time required to perform a sufficiently accurate measurement of radioactivity.

This required time depends on the level of radioactivity and the sensitivity of the sensor; for levels of radioactivity usually encountered in the environment, this time is in the order of :

++++ = less than one minute

++ = from 2 to 3 minutes

= at least ten minutes

And if you wish, it is always possible to enter measurements directly on the site.