Committed for their village!

Committed for their village!

Hello everyone, 

It is absolutely amazing the way the number of measurement is increasing. Today, there are more than 500 measurements in the village, and also outside the village, on the road, on the river, and in the field near de village. On of the pupills goes probably fishing with his father on the river, and since, we have some dots floating on the river. Others go on the road in the direction of the reserve, others turn around the village, etc... It looks like each of the pupills took in charge its own environment, but also took opportunity to go further. 

This evolution in the number of measurements in only 4 weeks is really of high interest because, beyond the results of measurements,  it demonstrate the interest of such a measurement system, with the measurements immediately available to everyone. So each one can add some measurements at the place where the feeling is that some points are missing, other will try to delineate a hot spot more precisely, others will make a study of their home, and so on. Finally it demonstrate that the people of Kamaryn and their child are highly committed to their own radiation protection. 

But be care, please. It appears on the map that two "hot spots" have been identified. Of course, it is of interest to know a little bit more about these hot spots, especially for the radiation protection of the inhabitants of Kamaryn. But please keep in mind, it is not the role of the pupills to take risks to delimit or to identify these hot spots. So be prudent, don't stay that much in these places were the dose rate is higher than elsewere!  

Clearly, I was not expecting such a success! This success demonstrate that population living in contaminated territories are in demand of such radiation protection actions, but also that scientists have so much to learn from these people! This could be a legay to other populations which may face similar situations, in Japan of course, but also in future possible accidental situations. Thanks again to everyone, people from Kamaryn, the school director and the physics teatcher, of course the puills, but also our colleagues from the Research institute of radiology in Gomel who also manage this action in the field. 

Have a nice summer and be sure that I'll continue to have a look on the map!