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Back to Kamarin

Hello everyone,

During this summer period, we analyze the measurements collected by the pupils. As it was said early, three hotspots were identified. Apart from these three hotspots, the measurements show that the dose rate in Kamarin is very similar to dose rates measured elsewhere in the word. For instance, the dose rate in my home, close to Paris, is about 0,06 µSv.h-1 and the outdoor dose rate is about 0.08 µSv.h-1, while in Kamarin, the mean indoor dose rate was 0.089 µSv.h-1 and the mean outdoor dose rate was 0.084 µSv.h-1.

More interestingly, we look at how the measurements were made. First, the boys of the group made much more measurements than the girls… Is this really surprising? They play with the system as geeks! And surprisingly the boys were more systematic in the choice of the places to measure than the girls. For instance, one of the guys makes a turn around the village while doing one measurement each 20 meters. The measurements made by the girls were much more spread in the area, organized in a more reflexive way.

We also prepared a questionnaire about the use of the Openradiation, the easiness of use of the system and if the pupils wish to continue the measurements. The questionnaire was then sent to the village before our arrival.

Then we take the plane from Paris to Belarus on Thursday, September 13th, to make a feedback of the results to the pupils and their parents. J.F. Bottollier-Depois, one of the creators of the Openradiation system participated in this travel to meet the pupils and their parents and to gain their impressions.  

I’ll relate you this next step in a future note on this blog.