Openradiation in Japan !


Openradiation in Japan !

The NPO Fukushima dialogue lend some Openradiation radioactivity sensors to the Katsurao collective which welcome artists in residence. 

In April, representatives from ANCCLI (one of the partners of the OpenRadiation project) meet the NPO Fukushima Dialogue association (TOP | NPO法人福島ダイアログ/NPO Fukushima Dialogue ( and lent them 6 open radiation sensors. Since that meeting, NPO Fukushima Dialogue launch tow actions. One of these addresses the « Katsurao collective » a program of artists in residence in the Katsurao village. These sensors are at the disposal of the artists, but also to the village residents who wish to make some radiation measurements. These sensors will stay in this place until the end of July. They will be lent for a second period in October and November of this year. 

The Katsurao collective also organize other actions such as meetings with the population. 

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Friday 28 June 2024
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