The OpenRadiation base

The OpenRadiation base is an open data collaborative base used to collect ambient radioactivity measurements taken by citizens.

Data include:

  • Data for each measurement, with the following mandatory fields: dose rate (µSv/h), start date for the measurement and GPS location.
  • Data accompanying the measurement, e.g. end date for the measurement, a description of the environment, sensor model used, etc. For more precise details of data, refer to the complete description of the data structure at or to the terms of use.
  • Photos taken by contributors may be included with data: if photos are re-used in view of display in a support medium, credits must be given as "CC-BY-SA-NC 4.0 user name / OpenRadiation".

The OpenRadiation base is organised as a citizen science programme and 100% published as opendata, under a ODC-ODbL license  (user license with an obligation to share the data in the same manner).


Data access

Several means of accessing data are available

  • By downloading the unprocessed file, which contains all data from the base, and is updated on a daily basis:
  • Using the map, which shows the data, but can also be used to download the CSV file corresponding to the data displayed.
  • Via the OpenRadiation API, which can be used to submit queries to the data base (see the section on Developers)


Participate in the creation of the data base

If you wish to participate and add environmental radioactivity measurements to the data base, you can, after reading the measuring protocol:

Please remember that the reliability of the OpenRadiation base depends on the quality of the data entered.