Ready to go!

Ready to go!


We are four scientists coming soon in Gomel, Belarus, to work with the population living in the village of Kamaryn on daily radiation protection. Our names are Jean-Marc (mission leader for Open radiation, working at IRSN), Pascal and Melanie from CEPN, and Wataru, coming from Japan to conduct a study with the D-shuttle system. This study is possible only with the very strong involvement of our Belarus partner Andrei and his assistant Aliona, from the Research institute of radiology, and the enthusiastic adhesion to the project of the children (see the picture).

I already meet the children in January to propose them the project. Their enthusiam was real and this meeting was very pleasant. Thanks also to the school director, Mr Fedor Yemakov, and the physic teacher, Mr Vladimir Masalyka, who will follow the children in the field.

We have got a very intense period of preparation during the last month. I guess that for now, we are almost ready. We are going to take the plane on monday and we will be in Kamaryn on tuesday. I'm really impatient to meet again peope in Kamaryn!