End in Kamaryn and start in Gomel...

End in Kamaryn and start in Gomel...

Hello everyone, 

Finally, everything goes well... The measurements were stopped in the village of Kamaryn in late July. I collected all the measurements from the website: 634 measurements in the village, two hot spots identified, 17 kids involved in the measurements (8 girls and 9 boys), that's perfect! Now I have to make the analysis of these huge amount of data. For this study in the village, the next step will be to go back in Kamaryn in order to discuss the results with the children and their parents and to set up recommendations for radiation protection in the village. 

Another step then started, in the city of Gomel. My colleague Andrei kept the OpenRadiation kits back to his institute, the Research Institute of Radiology (RIR) and give it to some of his collaborators. Some new dots then appeared on the map, since few days. The measurements continue... In a different context. We are now waiting for the school beginning. In fact, a similar action will be done in Gomel city with school children, to have a different set of measurements done in the context of a large city, which was less impacted by the Chernobyl fallout as compared to the Kamaryn village. It will be certainly of high interest to compare the two maps! 

Thanks again to all participants, in Kamaryn and in Gomel. Be sure it will be a pleasure to meet you again in your country!